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As an inclusive group, we are diverse and ask that you and your family are respectful of all other members and their families online and in person. Please be respectful of those who may be different than you with regards to ability, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual identity, faith, religion, family size and family type.

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Kid Cultivators Home School Group is an inclusive support group for those new to homeschooling and/or experienced in homeschooling living in the Atlanta-metro area. Discussion topics focus on homeschooling, general learning, educational methods, and curricula to name a few. We share information on resources, field trips, activities and other information pertinent to our needs. Our group is interfaith and not affiliated with any one religion, denomination or spiritual path--we welcome everyone! We do not tolerate discrimination against people based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual identity, faith, family size or type.

Kid Cultivators Homeschooling Community has built a strong community in the form of a very active home school support group. As a group we are here for each other, for support, exchange of ideas, information and to share our passion for teaching and learning with our children. We meet in person, and often, some of us open our homes to others for activities, etc. Because of this, we may seem a little more cautious about who joins our group. If you are interested in joining the group, please fully complete the survey, upload a clear photo of yourself and remember that the caution we use will protect you and your family as it does us and ours!

Upon joining our home school group, we ask that you become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT*. Your comments, suggestions and ideas are not only welcomed but encouraged! We need you to participate online (in groups & discussions) and in person. YOU are important to the success of our group! 

For the 2014-2015 School Year we are offering three options to better accommodate family's needs and commitment levels.

Tier 1: Basic Membership $100 per family for the school year (includes online access to the website; access to the calendar, park days, field trips, Sip & Chats; a subscription to Enchanted Learning and invitations to celebrations at the beginning and end of the school year.).

Tier 2: "All-In" Members--$400 (includes first child, $240 each additional child).  This tier level includes everything in basic membership; 12 workshops, open gym for your children; 24 weeks of teacher facilitated classes for students; access to group memberships, and other activities/classes throughout the year.

Tier 3: "'All-In' Members PLUS -- (Tier 2 Base plus $300) -- This tier includes everything from Tiers 1 & 2 PLUS 6 hours of Homeschool Consulting.

The deadline for ALL fees, regardless of tier, is August 1, 2014.  More information can be emailed to prospective members, should you require it.  Simply send an email inquiry to 

New members are welcomed throughout the year for Tier 1 ONLY.  The $100 membership fee is due upon joining.  Contact us prior to doing so should you have questions.  Thank you.

When your membership is approved, please read over these four (4) documents in the forum section in the 'special notices' folder 1) Kid Cultivators Home School Group's General Guidelines, 2)Kid Cultivators Home School Group's Meeting/Event/Play-date Etiquette, 3) How to Use this Site and 4) Kid Cultivators Home School Group's Online Etiquette. Thanks!

*In joining our group you agree to being an active participant online and in person. An active participant will:
1. Change the generic photo issued upon joining to a photo of themselves.
2. Personalize their page so others in the community can 'get to know' them.
3. Make a post on your 'blog' to introduce your self and family.
4. Share with others in the community from their experiences by adding to or starting discussions in the 'forum' section of the board.
5. Check site often so that you can participate in planned events (Park Days/Games Days, Sip & Chats/Support Meetings., Monthly Field Trips, classes, etc.).

We are striving to minimize if not totally eliminate "lurkers" on this board as it defeats the purpose of the sustainable, active community we are committed to maintaining. With your help we can achieve this! Thank you!!

Also, keep in mind that we are a HOME SCHOOL SUPPORT GROUP. If your intentions are to sell us something, recruit members for some other group, or otherwise market or promote anything please reconsider before applying to join, as we value our families more than just consumers. Thank you!



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